The use of bow or stern thrusters has made manoeuvring vessels, large or small, much easier. This is the reason these thrusters have been seeing much wider application over the past few years. A Jet Thruster offers several benefits such as: Silent operation, no vulnerable propeller and very simple installation options. Many traditional thrusters do not work well in boats with a shallow draft at bow or stern. A Jet Thruster is the solutions in this case: The nozzles are located only 10 cm below the waterline.

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The operation of the Jet Thruster is based on the sucking in of outside water. It is subsequently expelled through nozzles in the bow and/or stern side. To this end the Jet Thruster has been fitted with a powerful centrifugal pump, a three-way valve and electrical controls. Because the Jet Thruster does not use a propeller, no disturbing cavitation sound is produced.

The Jet Thruster does not require a tunnel tube, and the orifices, being only 60 mm in diameter, are very limited in size. This is why the Jet Thruster can also be used in vessels where placement of a bow or stern thruster is impossible. Moreover, the nozzles can be placed on the far ends, improving effectiveness and manoeuvrability.

Jet thruster layout

Silent operation

In contrast to a conventional tunnel thruster, the Jet Thruster operation is quiet with no noise associated to a cavitating propeller.

No tunnel

With small flanged outlets through the hull, there is no need to drill large holes and no need for Fibreglassing. The Jet Thruster is ideal for boats that cannot fit a conventional retractable thruster or which are simply restricted by space.

One system for maximum control

There are three options, all delivering maximum control. The Jet Thruster Single for bow or Stern or the Combi will deliver the directional control you require for your boat in all weather conditions.


Install a stern Thruster in conjunction with your existing bow thruster for addional docking control.


If you have a shallow draft boat or little room to install then the Jet Thruster is the best solution. The outlets can be positioned inches below the waterline.


Flexible installation

The adaptable system’s components allow for many installation options making it suitable for most boat models and sizes in today’s market.

Quality, simplicity and reliability

With no vulnerable electronic parts and standard electrical installation techniques, it can be serviced all over the world without any special tools or equipment. Components that contact (sea) water are made of a corrosion resistant material.


The Jet Thruster can be applied in many Motorboats, Sailboats, Barges, Workboats, Catamarans consisting of polyester, wood, steel and aluminium construction.

Reduce drag, save fuel, increase speed.

Large tunnels cause resistance costing fuel and decreased speed. The Jet Thruster however works with very small outlet openings in bow and stern. Great for sailors looking for every knot out of their boat.


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