Transporter Energy


Significant advances in battery technology are changing the way people think about portable power. Transporter Energy lithium-ion phosphate industrial batteries are the safe, reliable and efficient way to power your leisure time, from motorhomes and boats to golf buggies and horseboxes.

• Lasts up to 15 years
• CE & Intertek certified safe
• 90% charge after a year of no use
• 10 year warranty
• Faster charging
• 3x the power of lead acid
• Drop in replacement
• Cheaper than lead batteries over its life time
• Over 60% lighter
• Increase your payload
• 95% recyclable
• Made in the USA

Transporter Energy Battery


The future of mobile power is here. Lithium-ion technology has been designed to meet the demanding expectations of modern life. As technology moves forward, so must the batteries to power it. Lighter, more efficient and safer than traditional lead-acid batteries, Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries have almost 100% depth of discharge and a 13-year lifespan.


Fitting your new lithium-ion battery couldn’t be easier. Far superior in every way, Transporter Energy batteries are a standard size and use universal connections, so they are straightforward to swap for lead-acid units. These batteries charge 12 times faster than a traditional battery and have a rugged, sealed casing making them durable and suitable for use in a range of different environments. No maintenance is necessary and with a lifespan of up to 10 times that of a traditional battery, you really can plug in and go!


Quality is at the heart of every Transporter Energy battery. Developed, designed and manufactured in the USA, our batteries are at the forefront of this revolutionary technology. One of the earliest adopters of lithium-ion technology was NASA; thanks to their light weight, efficiency and safety, they are ideal for use in space exploration. Those same characteristics make our batteries perfect for a host of more down-to-earth applications.


Widely known as an indication of safety, Transporter Energy batteries are the only lithium-ion leisure batteries with CE approval in the UK and Europe. Safety and quality have always been our top priorities, and rigorous research and testing is carried out to ensure our products always reach the highest possible standards. Our CE mark demonstrates our conformity with strict health, safety and environmental protection standards.


While most manufacturers certify their own product, Intertek is the only independent testing house, meaning that Transporter Energy leisure batteries have been strictly tested by a trustworthy authority. Our battery is the only lithium leisure battery to have passed Intertek’s highest assessment first time, a standard which demonstrates it is safe enough to be transported by plane; a rare honour indeed. Their test course also tests aspects such as battery temperature and life span to ensure the utmost safety and durability over time.


Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries have an exceptional depth of discharge, with 80-100% usable energy per cycle – that’s up to 50% more usable capacity than some lead acid batteries. What’s more the power is consistent throughout the discharge; voltage doesn’t drop as it does with traditional batteries. There’s no loss of performance for up to 5,000 80% discharge cycles, so you receive optimum power for longer.


You don’t want to spend your leisure time sitting around waiting. Lithium-ion batteries can be charged up to five times faster than traditional lead acid batteries, meaning you are on the road, on the water, or on the golf course in no time at all. And what’s more, Transporter Energy batteries will hold their charge for up to a year with no detrimental effects, so you can prepare them in advance and head straight out for adventure.


Our batteries are durable and practical, and carefully designed to withstand whatever life throws at them, even in tough conditions. And even though we don’t think you’ll need it, every Transporter Energy battery comes with an unbeatable 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. If anything does go wrong, we’ll replace the defective battery, or give you a refund towards a new one, keeping you powered up whatever you enjoy doing.


ISC International Superyacht Coatings


ISC are the superyacht coating applicators of choice for discerning owners and shipyards around the world.

Clients benefit from their depth and breadth of experience, ethical expertise and sheer manpower to deliver even the most complex projects on time and beyond expectation.

Started by the father of the current owner and run with family values, ISC has perfected the art and science of fairing and painting superyachts for over 40 years.

From its origins in England, steeped in maritime history and expertise, the company has expanded internationally into France, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Singapore since son, Simon Green, took the helm in 2007.

Today, 250 master application specialists stand ready to ensure your superyacht is finished to the highest standards achievable.




Quick SpA is one of the most important international companies for the production of equipment devoted to mooring, sailing and on-board comfort. The Italian factory is also manufacturer of a wide selection of LED devices, designed for both boating and house applications.

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Mooring is not always a straightforward operation, especially when beyond not ideal wind and sea conditions a scarce space availability adds up. This is the reason why today thrusters have become a very common way to render manoeuvrability of the vessel practical and functional, through remote commands.  The experience matured throughout years of production of electrical windlasses has favoured Quick in the fast way that the bow thruster’s range has been developed.

Bow Thruster

BTQ 185-85 -Single propeller

  • Single propeller made in sturdy composite material.
  • Recommended boat length from 8-15 m (26-49 ft).
  • Solenoids protection carter in sturdy composite material.
  • Gearbox in bronze.
  • Zinc anode independent from the gearbox and hence easily replaceable.
  • Equipped with elastic coupling.


MODEL BTQ 185-95
Propulsion system Single propeller
Tunnel Diameter 185 mm
7 9/32″
Motor power 6 Kw
Voltage 12 V 24 V
Thrust 95 Kgf (209.5 lb)
Weight 27,2 kg
59.8 lb
24,4 kg
53.7 lb
Boat size 12 – 15 m
39 – 49 ft
Full kit price £2,531
Installation from £2,000

Retracting Thruster

BTQ 250 – Double counter-rotating propellers

  • Double propellers made in sturdy composite material.
  • Recommended boat length from 14-21 m (45-69 ft).
  • Solenoids protection carter in sturdy composite material
  • Gearbox in bronze.
  • Zinc anode independent from the gearbox and hence easily replaceable.
  • Equipped with elastic coupling.


MODEL BTQ 250-120
Propulsion system Double propeller
Tunnel Diameter 250 mm
9″ 27/32
Motor power 6,5 Kw
Thrust 120 Kgf (264 lb)
Weight 36,6 kg
80.7 lb
Boat size 13 – 17 m
42 – 55 ft
Full Kit £8,6703
Installation from £4,000

Tunnel Thruster

BTQ 180-55 -Single propeller

  • Single propeller made in sturdy composite material.
  • Recommended boat length from 8-15 m (26-49 ft).
  • Solenoids protection carter in sturdy composite material.
  • Gearbox in bronze.
  • Zinc anode independent from the gearbox and hence easily replaceable.
  • Equipped with elastic coupling.


MODEL BTQ 185-55
Propulsion system Single propeller
Tunnel Diameter 185 mm
7 9/32″
Motor power 3 Kw
Voltage 12 V 24 V
Thrust 55 Kgf (121.2 lb)
Weight 17,2 kg
37.8 lb
17,5 kg
38.5 lb
Boat size 8 – 11 m
26 – 36 ft
Full kit price £2,220
Installation from £2,000

Tunnel Thruster

BTQ 110-25 -Single propeller

  • Single propeller made in sturdy composite material.
  • Recommended boat length from 5-7,5 m (16-25 ft)
  • Solenoids protection carter in sturdy composite material.
  • Gearbox in bronze.
  • Zinc anode independent from the gearbox and hence easily replaceable.
  • Equipped with elastic coupling.


MODEL BTQ 110-25
Propulsion system Single propeller
Tunnel Diameter 110 mm
4″ 21/64
Motor power 1,3 Kw
Voltage 12 V
Thrust 25 Kgf (55.1 lb)
Weight 9,8 kg
21.6 lb
Boat size 5 – 7,5 m
16- 25 ft
Full kit price £1,680
Installation from £1,980


MC2 10

Quick adds anti-roll gyro stabilisers to its Nautical Equipment range for power boats. The line includes 5 models with angular momentum ranging from 800 to 18,650 n-m-s (newton/meter/second). The MC2 stabilisers are designed to achieve the best compromise among size, weight and electrical consumption, and to meet the requirements of yachts between 7 and 40 meter-long. This new product line will complement the well-established range of windlasses, thrusters, water heaters, and battery chargers designed and manufactured by Quick SpA.


Boat weight 10 ton
Angular momentum 1.900 N-m-s
Torque output 5.586 N-m
Rotor speed 6.000 Rpm
Acceleration time 20 min
Absorbtion 1.500 W
Power supply 220 Vac
Noise output (1m) < 71 dB
Dynamic control speed < 0,001 Sec
Reducing roll 65-85 %
Dimensions 48X48X49 cm
Weight 235 Kg
Full kit price £16,000
Installation from Installation subject to survey

Quick Docking System

The QDS (Quick Docking System) was designed to carry out the mooring operations easily and intuitively by using the bow and stern thrusters and the boat’s thermal motor. The system is made up by different components linked by a CAN bus network, allowing a simple and safe installation guaranteeing a high operating reliability.

Thanks to the QDS MC3 joystick, the boat can be moved forward or backward, turned clockwise/anticlockwise, perform a translation towards the right or the left and move independently either the bow or the stern to the right or left.

Guide Price: £2,500

Installation: £2,000 subject to survey


CHALLENGER 60 – underwater lights


Power type Constant Voltage
Light source 0 x LED
Supply 20 ÷ 30 V
Power consumption 60 W
Current consumption 2,5 A @ 24 V
Average lifetime 50,000 h
IP security degree 68


Frame Ø 5 45/64″


Frame material AISI 316 S/STEEL
Finishings CHROMED
Light colours COOL WHITE / BLU / RGBW
Mounting See 2D Draws

Photometric data

5600-6000 °K
Light flow 6000 lm
Efficiency 100 lm/W

Jet Thruster


The use of bow or stern thrusters has made manoeuvring vessels, large or small, much easier. This is the reason these thrusters have been seeing much wider application over the past few years. A Jet Thruster offers several benefits such as: Silent operation, no vulnerable propeller and very simple installation options. Many traditional thrusters do not work well in boats with a shallow draft at bow or stern. A Jet Thruster is the solutions in this case: The nozzles are located only 10 cm below the waterline.

Contact us for more details:  +44 (0)23 804 54 111 |

The operation of the Jet Thruster is based on the sucking in of outside water. It is subsequently expelled through nozzles in the bow and/or stern side. To this end the Jet Thruster has been fitted with a powerful centrifugal pump, a three-way valve and electrical controls. Because the Jet Thruster does not use a propeller, no disturbing cavitation sound is produced.

The Jet Thruster does not require a tunnel tube, and the orifices, being only 60 mm in diameter, are very limited in size. This is why the Jet Thruster can also be used in vessels where placement of a bow or stern thruster is impossible. Moreover, the nozzles can be placed on the far ends, improving effectiveness and manoeuvrability.

Jet thruster layout

Silent operation

In contrast to a conventional tunnel thruster, the Jet Thruster operation is quiet with no noise associated to a cavitating propeller.

No tunnel

With small flanged outlets through the hull, there is no need to drill large holes and no need for Fibreglassing. The Jet Thruster is ideal for boats that cannot fit a conventional retractable thruster or which are simply restricted by space.

One system for maximum control

There are three options, all delivering maximum control. The Jet Thruster Single for bow or Stern or the Combi will deliver the directional control you require for your boat in all weather conditions.


Install a stern Thruster in conjunction with your existing bow thruster for addional docking control.


If you have a shallow draft boat or little room to install then the Jet Thruster is the best solution. The outlets can be positioned inches below the waterline.


Flexible installation

The adaptable system’s components allow for many installation options making it suitable for most boat models and sizes in today’s market.

Quality, simplicity and reliability

With no vulnerable electronic parts and standard electrical installation techniques, it can be serviced all over the world without any special tools or equipment. Components that contact (sea) water are made of a corrosion resistant material.


The Jet Thruster can be applied in many Motorboats, Sailboats, Barges, Workboats, Catamarans consisting of polyester, wood, steel and aluminium construction.

Reduce drag, save fuel, increase speed.

Large tunnels cause resistance costing fuel and decreased speed. The Jet Thruster however works with very small outlet openings in bow and stern. Great for sailors looking for every knot out of their boat.





Seakeeper is the world leader in active gyro stabiliser technology for the recreational yacht industry.

Seakeeper’s exclusive system is the most effective anti-rolling device ever made, reducing resonant boat roll by 70-90%. Whether at anchor or underway, Seakeeper improves vessel performance, comfort and safety – enhancing life at sea.

Featuring vacuum-sealed gyro-dynamics, active motion control technology and patented advanced cooling designs, each gyro is highly effective over a wide range of sea conditions and vessel speeds – without any need for external fins.

With the push of a button, walking around the deck in rough seas becomes effortless, dining is more civilized without worrying about spills and splashes, and motion sickness becomes a thing of the past.


HYS RR Case study >

To view a HYS RR case study of the transformation of an old, dilapidated 82ft (25m) Tecnomar Motor Yacht into an up-to-date luxurious superyacht that included the installation of a Seakeeper please click on the following link.





The Awlgrip® brand is an undisputed world leader in the Yacht Professional Topsides segment. Within the yacht industry, Awlgrip’s reputation is one of universal trust and respect. This reputation was built on consistent technical innovation, stringent quality controls, and the superlative finish of Awlgrip products, which have long since represented the standard against which all others are measured.

Awlcraft 2000

Awlcraft 2000 is a fast drying, acrylic urethane high gloss topcoat for an easy-to-apply, high gloss finish. Awlcraft Metallics is a high gloss topcoat used to create a special effect finish.

View specifications sheet >


Awlcraft SE

Awlcraft SE is a revolutionary new topcoat encompassing metallics, pearls and effect pigments and is fast drying with excellent opacity.

Awlcraft SE is designed to work as one layer of a multi-part system. The Awlcraft SE imparts the colour and effect and is then topcoated with a clear high gloss finish topcoat to give gloss and protection. This combination forms a high performance, high gloss robust topcoat system.

View specifications sheet >

finishes (1)


Awlwood is an exterior clear system that is made up of a Primer and Clear Finish (available as satin or gloss). By combining the Primer and Clear together, the synergistic effect results in an outstanding performing system that adheres and bonds directly to the wood cellular structure giving extended performance and retaining the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as first application.

For exterior, above waterline use only.

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Bluefin Led


Bluefin LED

Bluefin LED’s innovative and technologically advanced underwater LED boat lights are suitable for all types of boat and yacht. Quality assured and maintenance free.
Our award winning state of the art Dock Light is the perfect choice for breathtaking illumination of marinas and docks.

Bluefin LED – Piranha P6 CC

Surface Mounted LED Underwater Boat Light.

Incredibly powerful with almost infinite colour choice the Piranha P6 Colour Change LED Underwater Boat Light gives you the flexibility to express yourself and showcase your boat in the best possible way.

Lights are controlled via a simple on/off toggle switch.

Suitable for all types of boats, perfect for transom and side mounting on all hull types.
Incredibly simple to install just one small cable entry hole and 3 mounting screws,reverse polarity protection with in built driver technology,guard X protective coating prevents marine growth build up on the polymer lens.

Suitable for use in and out of water thanks to Active Thermal Rollback Protection.
RINA Type Approved.

View specifications sheet >

Piranha P6 CC

Bluefin LED – LED RGBW WIFI DMX Controller

For use with H48CC,S48CC,GW48CC Colour Change series.

Packed with features the WIFI DMX Controller allows users to select the desired colour via the glass touchpad and colour wheel.

The Controller has a built in WIFI Connection enabling you to connect directly from your i phone/Android or tablet or can also link into existing WIFI network.

Group lights in different colours around your boat,Port,Starboard,Transom etc
Sound to Music function via your smart phone or tablet.(lights beat to the sound of music)

Infinite pre set colour choices.

Strobe feature (flash) for fishing or safety panic mode.

Lights can be dimmed.

WIFI DMX Controller


Opacmare Logo


Opacmare produce a variety of yacht passerelles and boat gangways including aluminium, transom, rotating, extending and custom designs to make disembarking and boarding your yacht hassle free.

Opacmare Rotating Passerelle 1202

The Opacmare 1202 Rotating Passerelle has an extension of up to 8m with 180° rotation. Made up of three sections and available in five lengths (from 2,90 to 8 metres), this passerelle is supplied with either manual or automatic stanchions on the starboard side, standard 180° rotation and a load capacity of 150 kg. It has a lifting capacity of 350 kg.

More information on the Opacmare Paserelle Product Range >

Opacmare Rotating Boat Passerelle

Cooney Marine

Cooney Marine Logo

Cooney Marine

Cooney Marine is a market leader in stainless steel marine engineering. With an impressive array of manufacturing equipment and a skilful workforce, Cooney Marine provides a variety of  high quality stainless fittings and deck equipment including yacht davits and boat passerelles.

Cooney Marine – Simpson Cantilever Yacht Davit

Perfect for boats with bathing platforms, the Cooney Marine Simpson Cantilever Yacht Davit has a modern design which gives the effect of the dinghy it is holding being suspended in mid-air.

  • For boats with swimming platforms
  • Simple to use
  • Electrically operated winch
  • Stainless steel coated in white epoxy
  • 300kg capacity
  • Locking device and straps
  • Optional radio control operation

More information on the Cooney Marine Simpson Cantilever Yacht Davit >

Cooney Marine Yacht Davit Two Arm Crane

Cooney Marine Crane Passerelle

  • 1.9 – 2.5m Crane
  • Hydraulic operation
  • High quality teak decking
  • 180 or 360 degree rotation
  • Pedestal or below-deck mounting
  • Optional radio control operation

More information about the Cooney Marine Crane Passerelle >

Cooney Marine Passerelle Crane

Perkins Sabre

Perkins Logo

Perkins Marine

Perkins Marine provides propulsion products for leisure yachts and motorboats including engines of 64-225 kW (86-300 hp). Perkins engines also provide auxiliary power to generate electricity for lighting and pumps onboard.

Perkins Marine Engine M135

  • Clean, quiet, smooth operation
  • Turbocharger wastegate system for better low engine speed performance
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Space saving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Reliable
  • Durable

More information on the Perkins M135 Marine Engine >

  • Jet Thruster
  • ISC
  • Eberspacher
  • Side Power
  • Whisper Power
  • Ocean LED
  • Spectra Watermakers
  • Harken
  • Webasto
  • Antal
  • Aquafresh Watermakers
  • Brunton Propellers
  • Cooney Marine
  • Onan Cummins
  • Dometic
  • Fischer Panda
  • Flexiteek
  • Flexofol
  • Frigoboat
  • Hempel
  • International Paint
  • Jabsco
  • Jefa Steering
  • Seakeeper
  • Jotun
  • JP3
  • Kohler
  • Lewmar
  • Max prop
  • Max Power
  • Nanni
  • Nautix
  • Opacmare
  • Perkins Sabre
  • Rule
  • Bluefin Led
  • Seajet
  • Sidepower
  • Vetus
  • Volvo Penta
  • Awlgrip