HYS Refit & Repair build an Ark!

On the 14th November 2015, London witnessed the eight hundredth Lord Mayor’s Show and for the first time in many years the city welcomes a Shipwright, Lord Mountevans into the role.

The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights is a City of London Livery Company. It’s livery men are drawn from the UK ship and yacht builders, lawyers and brokers, all of whom have some connection to the construction and operation of small or large vessels.

It’s prime purpose is charitable work, supporting charities such as Sea Cadets, maritime schools, Jubilee Sailing Trust and Youth Challenge. It also provides grants for yacht and shipbuilding apprenticeship schemes.
The motif of the Shipwrights is an Ark “safe in the ark for ever” and this year, Hamble Yacht Services Refit & Repair agreed to help build a float to represent the Shipwrights and lead the proceedings at this years show.

The design was produced by Guy Whitehouse Designs, with a structural overview from Richard Oliver of Applied Structural Analysis (a Hamble Yachts Services tenant). Marineware supplied coatings and all other funding for the the Ark have been provided by donations from fellow shipwrights.

On the day of the Lord Mayors Show 2015, the Ark carried children from the two maritime schools it supports all dressed as animals. The Livery Company aims for all its projects to be educational and recycled, so the ARK will now take on a second life as a unique feature at Oakfield School in Totton.

Built by Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair in three weeks, the boat will be used by the school’s 250 pupils at playtime and in lessons.

As the 45ft structure was lowered into the school grounds, head Elizabeth Smith said: “It’s marvellous! The children are thrilled to have been chosen to have the Ark.

“We already have an outdoor classroom and this will further enhance the children’s learning.”

The school plans to use The Ark for literacy, storytelling, maths and religious education.

It will also be used for reward time, and the school is already planning a pirate themed day.

Made from a steel structure, cladded in plywood and pressure treated feather board, the boat took 20 people an hour and a half to manoeuvre into place.

Isla and Ewan Mould are pupils at the school and children of Peter Mould, one of the shipwrights who worked on the boat.

Peter, who has been at Hamble Yacht Services for 15 years, said: “It’s good because the kids can do projects in it. “And it’s great that shipbuilding will be recognised and children made aware of it all.”

Designed with the motto Within the Ark, Safe Forever, Lt Col Richard Cole-Macintosh, clerk of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, said it seemed “perfectly fitting” that the boat would have a second life at its builder’s children’s school.

The livery company’s Rear Admiral Jeremy de Halpert said: “We chose Hamble Yacht Service Refit and Repair because they had the skills and they are one of our members. One of our aims is to promote and further maintain skills, be that in navigation or in building.”


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