Get Your Boat Ready For Summer – Top 10 Tips

Looking forward to a busy summer on the water? Good preventative boat maintenance and mechanical servicing can help you to enjoy hassle free time on the water this season. Here is Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair’s top ten yacht maintenance checklist for Spring…

1. Exterior Valet

If your boat hasn’t been sailing all winter, she’ll probably be in need of a thorough clean to get rid of any damp and winter mildew. Marine specific cleaning products will remove even the toughest of grime quickly and easily and protect the decks for the season ahead. Teak decks require extra care but even weathered and faded teak can be rejuvenated with the correct valeting solutions and cleaning methods. This is also a good time to polish stainless steel fittings and apply a protector to keep them looking pristine for longer.

2. Interior Valet

Now is the best time of year to give your boat a really good deep clean inside. Making sure all salt residue is removed will help make the boat really dry and prevent any future dampness. A sparkling galley and heads will make your time onboard all the more pleasant and is good hygienic practice. We recommend servicing the heads and having the oven cleaned too.

Harken Winch - Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair
3. Winch Servicing

Winches require routine care and maintenance. By getting your winches serviced regularly you will keep them running smoothly and efficiently. You can also identify any parts that are beginning to wear and replace them before they break, cause any further damage, or worse still, ruin a day’s sailing. Most manufacturers recommend that you service your winches at least twice a year and more often if you are using them regularly or for racing.

4. Rig Check

Your rig is prone to lots of movement which can cause wear and tear over time, even when your boat is on the hard or moored up over the winter. Regular inspections are essential to helping prevent rig failure which is not only dangerous to you and your crew, but can be very expensive too. A full rig check involves a thorough inspection of the standing and running rigging and all the terminals to make sure there aren’t any signs of stress or cracks that may cause issues later. give our sister company Advanced Rigging and Hydraulics a call to book in a Rig Inspection.

5. Engine Servicing

Getting your engine checked and serviced before the season begins will help prevent any inconvenient breakdowns out on the water. An engine service will usually include a full clean and changing of oil filters, greasing gears as well as checking the gearbox oil levels, air filters, v-belt, impeller and anode.

Yacht Engine Servicing - Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair
6. Antifouling

Antifouling the bottom of your boat can help protect it from the growth of marine algae and scum build up. There are many different options to choose from including high strength long lasting protection designed for boats staying in the water all season, to paints designed to give a smooth and even finish, ideal for dry sail racing yachts. Whichever option you go for, it’s always best to try and remove as much of the previous layer of antifoul before applying a new one for the best finish and protection.

7. Sail-Drive Servicing

Sail-drives are technical bits of kit that spend a lot of time in salt water so can be susceptible to lots of corrosion. Regular attention and servicing including oil changes and gearbox checks will help to make sure your sail-drive runs smoothly and avoid the embarrassment of it failing when you need it the most, such as berthing in a busy marina!

8. Seacock Servicing

Whilst your boat is out of the water it’s a good idea to check all of the seacock fittings to make sure they are sound. Any leaking seacocks should be addressed with urgency. Flush all of the seacocks with fresh water to remove any salt, check the seals and grease them up to keep them operating smoothly. Regular maintenance of your seacocks will prevent them seizing up during the season.


Propeller Servicing - Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair
9. Cathodic Protection

Making sure you have a working anode is essential to preventing damage to your prop and engine. This is an inexpensive part that can spare you the expense of corrosion damage further down the line so it’s worth addressing now.

10. Recondition Freshwater System

An inefficient freshwater cooling system can lead to overheating and potential engine damage so it’s important to check the system for any leaks, blockages, malfunctioning thermostats, restricted pump hoses and exhaust elbow corrosion and clogging. It’s also a good idea to get the antifreeze changed and heat exchanger cleaned periodically.

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